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February 2022

Feb 23, 2022 - Due to inclement weather, the weekly meeting was cancelled.

Feb 16, 2022 - Guy talked about pressure testing.  A test that looses 4 pounds is inconclusive.  

Chris shared we are at 53% so far this month.  He also reminded everyone to take care of their tools and charge your batteries.  Everything is getting really expensive.  

Angela said Zoe has done an awesome job in the Clothing closet and everyone should be wearing ALD clothing.  Make sure you start the day off with clean clothes.  Feed The Homeless is this evening at 5:30pm at Denver and Archer.  Travis' birthday is Thursday and Guy's 20 year anniversary is Friday.  

Jo shared the Chili Cook off winners with everyone and advised the work authorization has a new addition that a minimum of first hour will be charged if the job is cancelled when Tech is enroute or on site.  The tech decides.  Jo advised this has happened 3 times this week and Anglea suggested this be added to the work authorization.  Jo said that Gabe and Adam are going to be talking to those that played Co-Ed Softball in the fall to see if they want to commit to the entire season for a Spring league.  Advised if interested, need to talk to Adam or Gabe.


Cynthia let everyone know that she needs receipts sent to her.  It is an IRS requirement and she has to have them.  Dig in your truck and get them turned in.

Google Review for Brandon and Zane from J. James -
ALD came in and immediately identified and repaired my leak.  Something that five previous plumbers couldn't do!  I will call ALD FIRST from now on.  Definitely recommend them.


Five Star Co-Worker review - Five Stars for Jo for building us the intranet connection. - Angela
Five Star Co-Worker review - Five Stars to Marlon for the Valentine Chocolate

Five Star Co-Worker review - I appreciate Brock being willing to go help anyone that needs help - jo 

Feb 10, 2022  - Chili Cook Off winners ! 
Spicy - Brandon   Mild - Jo


Feb 8, 2022 - Guy reminded everyone to make sure to keep up with vehicle maintenance.  If the oil light is on, get your oil changed.  Guy also said to know the mission of your job before you get on site.  If the dispatch doesn't tell you enough, call your customer prior to arrival.  If it is an insurance job, make sure you know the mission of the insurance company that is paying the bill then any thing the homeowner wants you to address you can but the mission from the adjuster is first and foremost. Jobs are slow right now but it will be ramping up soon.  The Helper task list being created should help the shop stay clean and vehicles cleaned out. Guy stated if you are on a job and are not sure if we need an inspection, call Guy and talk about it. Invoicing jobs are getting hung up because different cities are taking longer and longer to do inspections.

Angela recognized that last week was Cynthia's 8 year anniversary with ALD and thanked her for her service.  Valentines Day is this coming Monday and Feed The Homeless is Wednesday and there is a sign up sheet in her window. 

Angela announced Gregg's father's funeral will be Thursday at 2pm.

Chris congratulated everyone for the hard work towards the end of the month of January.  We finished the month at 115%. 

Jo asked the technician's to add photos of the house on all reports because alot of 'homeowner' pay jobs are turned over to their insurance company for re-imbursement and the report needs to be documented to the house.  The photo does that. Jo thanked all the technicians that have been asked to call a plumber that has called wanting more info on a job and the questions were out of the scope of Dispatches knowledge.  Jo reminded everyone of the Chili Cook-Off this Friday....2 divisions.....Mild and Spicy..... Crock pots will be plugged in 1 hour prior to judging.  

ATTA-BOY - for Colby from Customer Cantrell - Thank you for your help!  Colby was excellent and did a great job.  Very conscientious and thorough!  Appreciate you all!


Co-Work 5-Star review - Thank you Brandon for helping with the cyber security training slides. 

Co-Work 5-Star review - Thank you Zane for always being my go to on after hour calls, especially with the Flo system - Stacy

Co-Work 5-Star review - Kaley thanks for helping work in Oklahoma when it was just me and Jo!  I appreciate you !  - Stacy


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