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January 26 ~ Guy advised that when an Okie Locate is needed on any job, please give a description of where the Okie Locate is needed.  North, South, East or West side and give a general description of where.  Okie Locate is calling the office asking and the Dispatchers and they cant tell by the pictures in the report.  This is not about 1 specific job, this is in general.  If you think there is a possibility an Okie Locate is needed before we dig, please put the location in the report. 

Guy also asked that the back kitchen door be kept closed and the tech door be kept shut....when they are left open, it gets really cold in the tech room and it travels up the hall.  There is a small heater in the shop bathroom.  Keep the bathroom door closed so the plumbing in there doesn't freeze.

Chris thanked Gabe and Chance for all the hard work cleaning the shop area yesterday and Guy advised the helpers that once they are clocked in, they need to make sure the shop stays clean.

Angela announced that Monday, Jan 31 is Gabe's Birthday, Tuesday, Feb 1 is Chance's Birthday and Wednesday, Feb 2 is Ground Hog Day.  Gabe added that he and Chance are like 4 minutes apart from being born on the same day.

Angela asked if anyone is having problems with their benefits, to please let her know.  She may can help with that.

Angela asked the techs to put a 4th time on their jobs if they are 1) arriving back to the shop, 2) stop for lunch, 3) have some lull time between jobs.  She spends a lot of time looking at truck tracker on Monday mornings and it would be a HUGH help.

JO announced that Celso is going to be a daddy and everyone congratulated him.  Jo advised that alot of us had signed up for the MEPO Casino night and  because of the Flu and COVID, the banquet has been cancelled.  Jo advised that Wayne is going to find out if it is going to be rescheduled. 

Jo announced we are going to have a Chili Cook off, Friday, Feb 11.  Two divisions, Mild and Spicy.... you can enter 1 or both divisions.  Bring your entry in a crock pot and they will be plugged in 1 hour before judging.  After judging is completed, everyone can have Chili when they make it back to the shop.  Jo said if you want to be a judge, just let her know.

This weekend ALD will have a booth at the Green Country Home and Garden Show, if you are there, stop by.  It is at Expo Square - Exchange Building. 

If you want a locker in the shop, come and see Jo- new name tags are going to be put on lockers.  Jo also advised that if you want anything in the 'man cave'  need to get it out by this weekend.  The bed, footon, chair and end table has been spoken for.  The TV is not one of the items to be given away.  The TV will be mounted on the wall eventually and a sectional will be put in there.  

Kenny shared a quote of the week to us.  

January 19 ~ Guy encouraged everyone to perform redundant methods when detecting.  Drill holes.  Once you have marked a spot, we are committed.  If we are not sure, don't mark it.  Guy told the technicians that the CSR's are asking the customer's a lot of questions and through monitoring calls, you can hear the frustration in the customer's voice of being grilled.  The dispatch tickets are getting stream lined and the CSR's will be logging as much information as the customer's give them and asking minimal questions, they are basically determining if it is a fresh water crew that needs to go or a drain crew.  If you look at your dispatch and need more info, call your customer and start building the relationship before you get there.  

Angela welcomed the 3 new employees; Matt McCord - dispatcher, Dakota - helper and Dorian - St Louis helper will start Monday.  Vern's birthday was yesterday.  There is a celebration breakfast today for Angela's 14th anniversary, Drews Birthday, Chris Treuter's 8th anniversary, Verns Birthday and Gabe's Birthday on the 31st.  

Chris added the celebration breakfast is also a send off to Tollie whose last day in Oklahoma is today and he will be housed in Kansas City area going forward.  Wish him well in this new chapter in his life.  Chris Also mentioned that W-2's need to be signed for from Cynthia until Friday, at which time, they will be mailed out.  The out of town co-worker's will be mailed out today. Cynthia added that if you have any questions about your W-2, please come and see her.

Jo handed out instructions on the new intratnet that is just for active employees, A quick review was given on everything that is on there right now but there will be many additions and Jo emphasized it is not an ap, it is a website.  Everyone will need to sign up, I will approve and then you will have access to the internal website.  Repair pricing will be increasing, some base rates will increase and this will give you current pricing at your finger tips.  Feel free to give feedback and let Jo know if you want to see something added that would benefit you.

January 12 ~ Guy started the meeting by reminding everyone to put their regulators and hoses on your dash to keep warm and make sure as a courtesy to your customers, disconnect their garden hoses.  He stated Travis is out of pools in OKC area and will be coming to Tulsa to do pools or go on fresh water investigations and detections.  

Chris told everyone to feel free in the meetings to interchange information and bring things up that they felt needs to be discussed.  Cynthia told everyone that the new life insurance will show as 'other insurance' on the pay stubs.  Chris wanted everyone to check the name and address as it appears on their check stubs to make sure it is correct because that is how it will appear on W-2's and if there is a mistake, it could hold up a return. 

Angela announced Kim's birthday was tomorrow and Vern's is Tuesday. There are no ALD anniversaries this week. 


Jo asked that if anyone is doing a repair, please call the office by 2-3 and let us know if we need to put the job on you for another day or if you are going to finish and needs the office to order a city inspection.  Jo advised Kim and Colby was on call for the week. 


January 5 ~Angela started the weekly meeting off by letting everyone know that the management team is working on goals for 2022 and she feels as manager of HR, her goals should incorporate the goals of all co-workers and encouraged everyone to stop by and talk to her about what they would like to see happen in 2022. 

Angela read a letter from the Tulsa Boys Home that was filled with their deep appreciation of the cash donation that was on behalf of Vern.  Angela welcomed Trace as a full time employee and had everyone put on their calendar that Feb 16 is 'Feed the Homeless'.  

Guy said we are staying busy and encouraged everyone to keep trying to get repairs.  Jimmy and Kenny will start doing leak detections.  He encouraged those that need to take the plumbing test, to seriously think about testing. He also has announced he is looking for a helper. 

Chris shared we did not make the month of December, first one in 15 months.  With holidays, vacations, sickness and other things, it is understandable.... However, we were at 115% for the year of 2021. Chris announced that as of Jan 10, Cynthia and Angela will begin working 5 days a week, instead of 4.


Jo announced that Angela's 14th anniversary was Sunday and Chris Treuter's 8th anniversary is the 9ths.  Drew's birthday is today.  Jo encouraged everyone to follow COVID protocols as hospitals are full and currently there are over 27,000 active COVID cases in Oklahoma.   

Social networking is very important in todays society so to help in the continued success of ALD, Jo asked that we all share the ALD OK-KS-MO post when you see them on Facebook, Instagram and others social media sites.  Jo also asked that if you would like ALD to participate in any community activities, please let her know.  


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