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June 2022 NEWS

June 8, 2022 - Call the office every single time to get availability on repairs.  We are so busy, we may not be able to get to it for a week or so.... if so, we need to refer the repair to one of our partners.  Dont even give them a price unless you know we can do the repairs. 
The schedule is tight. Figure a way to stay, not a way to leave..... Take your jobs to completion....we dont have time to go back. Know when you are going down a rabbit hole.  ALD is the problem solver....  Insurance jobs require a pressure test and moisture readings.  Truck inspections are still underway.  
Chris gave an update on the ongoing construction.  Also, scrap metal goes in the two blue barrels.  No where else.   

June 1, 2022 - When you come across galvanized pipe, have the discussion with your  homeowner about ALD's ability to repair.  50/50 chance we can fix.  Hot lines we can re-route, cold lines we will have to bore a line in.  If you have to pull off a job, please contact your homeowner if they are not on site.  The Dispatch office doesnt know the technical reasons you would be pulling off, you need to have the conversation with your customer.  Watch for nails in the parking lot with all the construction going on, some have been found.  If you see one, pick it up. 
Dont loan equipment between trucks.  Each truck has its own inventory.  Inventory has been done on spare keys.... all is accounted for except Kennys.
Angela announced that today is ALD's 27th 1 year anniversary.  Trace's birthday is Friday and that is also Kaley's 1 year anniversary.  Summer helpers will be starting today, they are Aries and Seth.  Welcome guys.  Travis wanted to thank everyone for the generous donations. 
Chris advised lighting will start being installed tomorrow and then painting will begin next week.  

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