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April 2022 NEWS

April 6, 2022 - Guy said we have new bid cards, snap a pic of your bid cards and put on your pronto, if you dont, you will not be eligible for the bonus.  If you dont understand any process, be sure and ask Guy.  Guy reiterated to KNOW YOUR MISSION before you arrive on site.  Know who your customer is (Homeowner or Insurance or Plumber) and the customer's mission they are paying for.  Sometimes homeowners have a different agenda for you.  It is okay to help them on what they want but AFTER you complete the mission from the paying customer.  Set up your jobs and solve the problems.
Chris advised that individually we are ALD.  When a customer talks to you, sees you and your actions, they see ALD, they dont see you individually.  Chris advised we made the month of March and the Kansas City area was up 77%.
Angela announced today was Jo's Birthday was today and Shelby's is Sunday.
Jo advised to keep the doors to the tech room closed so Ronnie stays in the back area.  This will save the new chairs from getting cat hair all over them.   Wayne talked about the digital bill board signs that ALD has ads on.  Jo read Co-Worker reviews 

April 13, 2022 - Guy advised to get the leaks you can and set up the job as if you were the one returning for a repair.  Angela reminded everyone Sunday is Easter.  Jo advised there is a sign up for a bowling party in Angela's window.  Pick your perfered day and if you want to bowl. 

Wayne advised ALD would be participating in the Tulsa Apartment Trade show this week.

April 20, 2022 - Guy advised if you are a pool technician and you are in OKC area, if you eliminate everything in the pool and they are have complained about water in the yard, high bills, etc.... if there is an irrigation system, check it out, if you then have to go on into the house and do a leak detection there, do so.  Same with service line.  That is your customer and making sure you are finding their problem is your job.  Nothing is off limits.  Proceed as if you were at a house in the Tulsa region.  It is very important that you keep up with the maintenance on your vehicles, that includes head lights and tail lights.  When doing your jobs, use good judgement, we are the experts.... be complete with all the 'what if' scenarios that could possibly come up. 
Angela advised that Guy is on vacation this Thursday and Friday and Zane would be coming in and reviewing the reports and running the morning meeting.  Chris T birthday is April 26 and Kaley will be starting 2 week vacation on April 26th.  Angela talked about making sure to wear your ALD shirts at all times.  Show up to work dressed in ALD shirt.  Angela is going to email everyone the No Surprise Act Amendment, it is good information to know. 
Jo reminded the pool guys not to forget to put a towel in your truck to dry off with when you start diving pools.  Co-worker 5 stars were read. 

April 27, 2022 - coming soon


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