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September 2022 NEWS

September 2, 2022
Guy was on a jobsite so Zane started the meeting by telling everyone if they start a repair job, work it for 8 hours, don't pull off after 4 and decide to go back the next day.... That means a $100,000 truck and tools is sitting at the shop or in your driveway not making any money.
Angela went over recent staff changes.  Kaley is no longer with ALD, she gave her resignation yesterday.  Angela welcomed Amanda Gifford as a new dispatcher and announced that Jamie Carpenter will join the Dispatch team on Sept 15.  Also, we are off Monday, September 5 for Labor Day.
Chris announced we ended the month of August at 143%.  ALD's biggest month so far.  OK territory was at 117%, St Louis was at 164% and KC was at 276%.  Awesome job for everyone!
Jo reminded everyone that Plumbers and Adjusters have been telling mentioning we are not calling them or leaving them a message when we are on site.  This is something that ALD has committed to do and we need to follow thru with that.  Jo mentioned all pictures need to have the descriptions under them.  Jo reminded everyone about the Race for the Cure on Sept 24 and it would be appreciated if everyone went out and made a donation to ALD Team Detecting Divas.  Jo announced Oct 8 would be when we onboard to SalesForce and SalesForce team members would be on site for training and some people from corporate.  Advised when the training schedule was complete, everyone would be notified.  
Co-Worker Reviews were for Chance - Thank you Chance for always going to OKC and getting the job done. 
5 stars to Matt (office) awesome with details and keeping us updated.  5 stars to Drew for Sydzyid job


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